So, I am on a train just leaving King's Cross for Cambridge. This morning I had a fairly leisurely start (I think the first time for travelling so far), though the slightly late shuttle to Palermo Airport was a bit concerning, the total disregard for speed limits saw all eight of us there with plenty of time.

The plane was on time (!) to Rome, and I was meant to have about 90 minutes there. That turned into over two hours, as the plane was of course delayed. However, no problem, as I had planned for the Italians to not be punctual, and so I had plenty of time to get to Gare du Nord for the Eurostar. Of course, that was on time, as is (so far) the (much noiser, so it actually seems faster) train to Cambridge.

I am looking forward to seeing Shrividya and Dmitri there, as well as Hannah Stern, and Natalie, Justin, Alex (yes, we all live in Wellington, let's meet in Cambridge!).

So, no more travel until Tuesday, when I fly from London to Brest. (London City Airport, which I think is even smaller than Wellington's).