Update Final video is now available at http://wrcs-file-share.s3.amazonaws.com/MSvTOFinal.mp4, and should shortly have some music added. Enjoy :)

We are making a movie Mini Shark vs Tiny Octopus, in the style of Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. There is a script.


  1. Escaping from ice. This needs
    • Submarine (have)
    • Helicopter (have)
    • Melting (done)
    • Whales (done)
  2. Beach scene
    • Funny quote (There's a time in every scientist's life...)
    • Pulling shark's tooth out of something (have tooth)
    • Using a microscope to extrapolate the size of the shark (have microscope). Can film the labram optical microscope looking at the shark's tooth and then, replacing that video with a published photo of nanolodon. Can zoom in 'high zoom' mode (showing static) and have enthusiastic exclamations of the reflection of the octopus in the shark's eye.
  3. Shark attacking plane (done, might need to repeat some frames for effect)
  4. Octopus attacking oil rig (or boat perhaps)
  5. Pheromone scene (have lots of brightly-coloured chemicals) (done).
  6. Some sort of fight scene between shark and octopus. (Possibly BWVE vs BJR)

There are various people who need to be credited:

  • SR as Director of Photography
  • PGE as Producer (picture of "The Eraser")
  • WRCS as Director
  • BA as Critic / Some sort of equipment supplier
  • SAM as Animal keeper (?)

Quotes (from BA):

  • "I can't say I'm disappointed"
  • "Awesome"
  • "I have some artistic input: stop it"
  • "this is insane. Cameras should be way more expensive than they are, to prevent such things from happening."

On May 8, WS and SR discussed the remaining footage that we need.

  1. The opening scene, with submarine, helicopter, whales perhaps
  2. The ship/oilrig destroyed by octopus
  3. Ship firing at shark (possibly use public domain footage as in MSvGO)
  4. Shark and octopus fighting (toys)
  5. Ben and Ben fighting, possibly in t-shirts with "Shark" and "Octopus" written on them
  6. Pulling shark's tooth out of dolphin and whale
  7. Sub chase scene
  8. Close up video of eye (static)
  9. Green-screen by microscope - extrapolate from tooth
  10. Radar screen on ship
  11. Some scene on a beach (might combine with celebration of end of filming)

There are some credits, at credits.

Final changes to make:

  • Add in sound of some sort, possibly projector noises
  • Consider replacing green screen with a rainbow or something? that moves with the camera?
  • Add subtitles/intertitles
  • Add in comments from our critic