This page lists some programming stuff I've done; it is not a complete list.

VUW Timetable application


You should realise that this program is a collection of bugs, which sometimes work together to produce some useful results. However, any deviation from a certain input will result in unpredictable output. There is a todo list.


  • Make load correct website for the specified year, so it doesn't just always use current year.


  • Update to work with new VUW website. I hope they don't change it again anytime soon...


  • Make the saved images use the correct-sized canvas


  • Add in new Alan MacDiarmid (AM) building
  • Make easier to disable s/CHEM/ALCH/ stuff


  • Fix streams
  • Implement s/CHEM/ALCH/

VUW Wireless Login (VUWWL Prefs)


20120328 Initial release

  • This was developed to automatically manage the web-based authentication of the wireless at VUW.
  • The idea is there is an open wifi network, but to have access to the internet one must authenticate with some webpage. This is a pain. Especially as every time the wifi connection is lost, authentication must be performed again. Hence, I wrote an android app, that should work for Android 2.1 onwards (tested only on CM7.2/Android 2.3.7). Any time the wifi connection changes, it checks the network name, and if it's the correct one (configurable), then it tries to log in.
  • The website it tries to authenticate with is configurable, as are three fields (default to username, password, domain). Also, there are non-configurable fields Submit=Submit, and buttonClicked=4. The request is sent as POST not GET, though in the future this may be selectable.
  • It is possible to manually request it tries to log in, but the network name must still match. There also must be a wifi connection.


20120710 Update for ICS compatibility

  • Removes the various notifications, which might be less annoying.
  • Now works on ICS, as the notifications appeared to break it.
  • In a future version, should be able to have some arbitrary number of rules.


20120729 Adds support for more than one rule

  • Now supports an arbitrary number of distinct rules, with some user-chosed ID.
  • Only runs rules that match the SSID of the connected network.
  • Allows deleltion, but not deactivation, of rules.
  • Still shows no notifications, this is certainly less annoying.

Various patches


This list post ( includes a fix for python-4suite-xml, which is used by opensync-plugin-googlecalendar.