So, the last stop on my trip, and probably the least eventful journey.

I had an easy trip to the airport (Tegel; just a few stops on the U6 from Lina and Jonnel's, and then change to a bus, all included in the weekly ticket I had bought for use in Berlin). Tegel seems a bit odd, in that there are check-in counters by each gate, and also the security/passport control is for just one or two gates. I think it is nice, as the queues become much more manageable.

The flight was uneventful and on time, and I arrived at the C-gates of Heathrow Terminal 5. This entails catching a train to the main part of terminal 5 where the immigration/baggage all is. Immigration was much less rude than on the Eurostar, and I didn't have to wait too long for the bag. However, there was a ~20 minute wait for the train to Gwynne's. Still, with a quick change at Barons Court, I made it, now one full (and fairly warm) day in London to go before beginning the trip back home.