So, I have just returned from a bit over a weekend in Switzerland.

Saturday morning, I got a TGV to Mulhouse, then a local (international) train to Bâle (Basel), and then a Swiss intercity train to Zurich, where I met up with Michael, who is in Geneva for 7 weeks. We saw a bit of Zurich, went for a cruise on the lake, went to the Swiss National Museum, walked around a bit, and went to the top of Üetliberg.

Then, on Sunday morning, we got a train to Geneva, which was a tilting train, which is kind of odd. Then, I checked in to the YHA, and got a "Geneva Transport Card", which all people who stay in Geneva get given. This allows free public transport usage during the stay (up to 15 days), which is a pretty cool idea. Then, we went to the Botanic gardens (kind of disappointing), looked at the UN building, some Broken Chair, and went to the Red Cross (and Red Crescent) Museum, which was really interesing (though 15CHF; actually, everything is expensive in Switzerland).

Then we walked around the old town a bit went down to the Lake (but the Jette wasn't going :( ), and caught several boats across the lake and back, until we ended up back at Cornavin (Station), where we caught a bus to Michael's residence, so he could charge his cellphone (iPhones...). Then, we went back in to town, met up with one of his fellow interns, and went in search of dinner. We wanted to go to Plainpalais, but following Michael (and iPhone), we went a very circuitous route, and finally arrived very hungry.

After that I went to the youth hostel (only feature of note was the "keys", which are cards with a 2D barcode on them, which opens the rooms, and each person's locker, just outside the room. (Actually, given they are not disposable, but get reused, maybe there's more than just a barcode, but still a cool idea).

Monday morning, I caught a train to Lausanne. While waiting for my train, I saw something which might help explain how they keep to time. The doors were closing, and someone put their arm in the door to stop it, so that they could get on. So, that door opened again, but that didn't stop the train leaving. After a while, the door did close. I imagine in NZ that if the doors aren't closed, the train won't go. Not the case here.

In Lausanne I went to visit a group at EPFL, which was really good, friendly people and interesting facilities. Then a bit of a walk around Lausanne (which is on a hill, and has lots of bridges, which is interesting), before the TGV back to Dijon.

That's all the travel until I head off to Sicily, I think.